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Why Perseverance Inspires Us

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

"Perseverance is the harmonious dance of failure and success." - Berna Merih

I love the word “perseverance.” It is a highly comprehensive word of empowerment.

Perseverance encompasses failure, persistence, hard work, challenge, effort, difficulties, rejection, opposition, courage, growth, success, commitment, resilience, and hope.

Pema Chödrön once said, “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” This quote reminded me of the journey of perseverance. We are all persevering for many different things in life. We learn from what we go through, and we need to go through what is coming because we need to learn.Perseverance is the transformational path to learn and thrive. Isn’t it?

Perseverance is also a strength that inspires others. Normally we hear people say, “I succeeded because I worked so hard with perseverance. And I did it!” This is too good to be true! That is not the real story of success to inspire others …

The backstage of success is quite different because success cannot exist without failure. They dance together harmoniously and set the stage for us to join them.

The real story then becomes “I failed but I did not give up. I learned from my mistakes. I worked on my mistakes so hard to make them right. That process of persevering transformed me in a way that I am not the same person now and others say that I am a successful person.”

📌 What is your relationship with success and failure?

📌 Where does your perseverance come from?

📌 How open are you to embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn?

📌 How do you position yourself when there is an unsuccessful outcome?

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