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About Me

Berna Merih, Transformational Leadership Coach

“Inspiring and empowering people to transform into self-leaders who thrive in life and business.”

I am a supportive and insightful finance executive with a history of developing high-performing individuals, building and leading finance teams. My coaching skills leverage my professional finance background as a dedicated team player and a compassionate leader. This rich experience in corporate life allows me to display a robust systems-thinking approach in life. Born in Istanbul, Turkiye, and living in Connecticut, USA, I bring a multicultural perspective to my coaching practice while building deep connections.

Transitioning to live in the USA in 2017 was a pivotal time in my life opening the doors of a transformational process. First, it felt like a fish out of water. Accepting the discomfort and the challenges, and embracing the change openly made me resilient and strong to be able to stand out and support my whole family in this transition. As part of the transition, I wanted to pursue my professional finance career in North America. While devoting time and energy to make this career transition possible, I found the chance to explore ways I can improve and grow more, help others, and make an impact in life. This self-exploration process led me to consider bringing forward my leadership and coaching skills.

The transition transformed me into an empowered self-leader while leading me the way to figure out my passion and purpose in life. Having worked as a finance professional for more than 20 years, and after experiencing significant life transitions, I decided to pursue my passion of becoming an ICF Accredited Coach. As someone passionate about partnering with people in their transitions and transformations, I value coaching as a powerful tool to support people in finding the treasure they seek. 

I am a strong believer that everyone is the leader of their own life. When people act at their full potential as self-leaders, they become inspiring leaders in their personal, business, or professional life.  

Featured Publications

My journey as a solopreneur as featured by Go Solo:

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