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The Pit Stop strategy

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.”― Alan Cohen

In today’s over-demanding world driven by the relentless pursuit of productivity and constant pressure for achievement, it is inevitable to feel like we are in a car race. The expectations of the modern workplace often push us to work longer hours, maintain a constant state of busyness, and exceed expectations by overworking and sacrificing work-life balance without having any boundaries to prioritize our well-being. In this quest to meet workplace demands, it is easy to forget that we humans are not machines or computers. Unlike them, we need rest, recovery, and renewal to function at our best, yet we neglect the importance of taking breaks and recharging our batteries.

Despite our need to stop, rest, and replenish, research and statistics address significant facts related to over-indulgence in work called “workaholism.” According to a survey from the Pew Research Center, “nearly half of workers who have paid time off said they typically take less time off than their employer offers.” Concerns related to falling behind at work, losing chances of job advancement, and the risk of losing their job make people use less time off than they need and even sacrifice their precious vacation days. Another alarming statistic highlights the extent of this issue- “More than half of Americans (55%) are still not using all their paid time off.”

The same survey from the Pew Research Center says, “About four in ten workers (39%) say their job or career is extremely or very important to their overall identity.” The drive to overwork not only comes from outside pressures but can be triggered by internal motivations to feel worthy and valued which can lead to a choice to be busy, and mostly too busy. Both drivers are unhealthy, and the tendency to forgo breaks and leisure eventually causes “burnout,” which has adverse consequences on our physical and mental well-being and ultimately affects our productivity and overall quality of life.

We need to adopt a strategy to improve the quality of our lives by fostering a more balanced and sustainable approach to work while avoiding detriments to our physical and mental health.

An Antidote to Burnout: “The Pit Stop Strategy”

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