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Education and Experience

I am an accomplished finance executive with 20+ years of dedicated experience leading finance teams. I hold a High Honors BA in Business Management. I started my career as an auditor at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young and gained experience with team and client management while accumulating knowledge of diverse industries ranging from construction to automotive, and hospitality to leasing. After five intense years of audit experience, I joined finance teams of companies to explore and learn more by gaining hands-on experience in all aspects of financial management. I became a proactive, goal-driven leader with a proven record of directing financial management activities, analyzing operations to provide financial insights, and designing, creating, and managing reporting systems while spearheading local and international financial management projects. I maintain the balance between big picture thinking and attention to detail. My colleagues and team members described me as collaborative, encouraging, and inspirational. Utilizing technical knowledge and best practices of team management, my team members felt encouraged, supported, and stimulated to act at their full potential.

I have a solid leadership background serving at different financial management levels and working with corporate leaders, executives, board members, and shareholders. I demonstrated success in establishing departments and developing high-performing teams with my mentoring and coaching skills. As a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), I have experience with serving executives in conflict and leading conflicting teams while building trust and promoting collaboration to thrive success.  

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