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Awakening Awe: Connecting to the Power of Feeling Amazed

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

Glass Ball on Fall Leaves reflecting the leaves and nature

Awe is a complex emotion associated with beyond-word experiences that transcend our understanding of the world. Besides its complexity, awe feelings have the element of vastness. As we sense vastness, the activity in our brain’s default mode network where self-focus resides decreases. Our inner voice starts to go silent. This state is called “unselfing.” With the increased perception of vastness and the world that transcends our frame of reference, we feel small and turn our gaze outwards to other people, subjects, and ideas.

You will find more about "AWE" in my article below where I shared my awe experience and where that led me to.

You will learn about the Benefits of AWE, Where to find AWE?, Cultivating AWE as an Everyday Practice, and how to Savor Wonders.

Workplace and business are all part of everyday life and there is no reason why you cannot find awe or cultivate awe at work.

⭐ Create opportunities for your colleagues or team members to share their awe-inspiring stories.

⭐ Encourage them to take breaks during work and invite them to experience "awe walks."

⭐ Be a role model who inspires and motivates kindness, trust, and gratitude- they will find awe in working with you.

⭐ ✨ ⭐ ✨ This will help them see opportunities in challenges, embody positive emotions, build trust, become a happier and motivated team member, look for collaboration and connection at work.

Cultivating practices of awe in everyday life will have positive impact in your wellbeing and connections.

Take "awe walks," try something new, be with nature, connect with awe-some people.....

It is a choice to live in wonder and be the creator of your awe-inspiring experiences. I hope you choose to live in awe.

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