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Gifts of Being Present

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” -Rumi

Rumi quotes are always an inspiration. They hold the deepest of thoughts and meaning of life. Recently, this particular quote became a mantra for me.

Being present in the moment is the greatest gift of life. Staying present in the moment is the liberation of the soul. We can reflect our deepest emotions and values when we enjoy the freedom of the present moment.

Wherever we stand, we can choose to stay present with the moment and connect our souls to the soul of the space we hold. This is the essence of mindful living, “the mindful being.”

📌 Mindful being leads to mindful living.

📌 Mindful living means living with joy, gratitude, and flow.

📌 Through mindful living, one can perform, achieve, thrive, and succeed.

📌 No goal is attainable unless you are connected to the essence of your life (your motivation), not to chasing the goal itself.

🤔What would be the gifts of a mindful living for you

🤔What can you say “no” to now, to stay more present with life

🤔What is your level of commitment for a mindful living

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