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What Clients Have Said

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Liz Gabriel

Interior Designer

  • Gri Instagram Simge

When I met Berna, I was teaching voice and performing. Though I had experienced great fulfillment in those endeavors for years, I wasn’t loving it anymore. Berna’s coaching helped me see my priorities differently and realize I was living in a “status quo” and my passion and direction had faded. I wasn't aware I needed a better “fit” in terms of “purpose" and Berna’s deeper questions created awareness around a need for transformational change. The a-ha moment was when I finally felt free to do music as a source of enjoyment while having clear intentions and goals for a more fulfilling purpose. I gathered the courage to make the transition to pursue a new endeavor that was tucked back into the recesses of my mind for years which I was always good at but afraid to do professionally. So, I started my Interior Design business and I feel fulfillment in both endeavors because they are properly prioritized and balanced. Berna’s strength in coaching, which worked for me, was her soothing but direct and kind of fearless way of asking questions, one upon another, which probed into a deeper part of my psyche as I processed through the changes I needed to make in my life and overcome the fears to make them. I feel gratitude toward her for helping me find a better and more fulfilling purpose after a long season of “status quo” and feeling stifled!


Berk Mumcu
Global Jeep Brand
Senior Manager

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Before my coaching experience with Berna, I was feeling stressed and trapped in repeated failures and had no one to trust who could help me manage my discomfort. I was assessing the world through a mechanical perspective and frequently ignoring the human factor in my relationships. Berna created a journey of discovery by asking the right questions at the right time and helped me discover my feelings, become aware of my communication styles, and understand the role of empathy in my daily interactions.  Berna made me speak the unspoken reason behind every difficulty. My evaluation of life completely evolved with discoveries and the solid lessons learned. Each session was the perfect opportunity to explore my inner world, understand my patterns, and decide to build upon future habits, which will serve me to act at my full potential. I am grateful for having Berna as my thinking partner who made me visualize where I want to be. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in life; especially to professionals who desire to understand their behavioral patterns and need to go deeper in their spiritual journeys which will support their success in business life as well. Berna's coaching evoked the healing power of my inner effort to find the flow in life, enjoy every moment of my personal and professional journey, and transform to be the best version of myself.


Greg Barringer

Intimacy Guide and

Goddess Warrior

  • Gelgit Sosyal Simge

Working with Berna Merih has been a great pleasure and extremely helpful.  When she and I first began our coaching sessions, in the amid the Coronavirus pandemic, I was feeling very scattered and unfocused.  My life was not going particularly well, both in my profession and personally.  Berna truly helped me see my priorities more clearly - what’s important to me, what brings me energy and joy - and guided me towards creating achievable outcomes for several projects and aspects of my life.  Berna has a gift for helping me focus on what I truly want to change or achieve.  She has helped me not only objectively, but she’s also really been there for me through a challenging time in my life. I will always be grateful to her for the work and time we have spent together.


Asha Ghosh

Urban Program Manager at Yale University; Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor

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Berna is an incredibly insightful coach. She asks perceptive questions and listens carefully to every response. She repeats back what she heard with a beautiful articulation of what matters most. I find myself trying to capture what she shares that I expressed! I have appreciated Berna’s approach to helping me find my own inner wisdom, while also holding me to account and staying focused on the goals. I have been working with Berna to bring my multiple interests together into a more coherent path, and she has helped me to transform my approach to be much more effective and to develop a vision that is more inspiring and holistic. She is also a pleasure to work with and extremely patient! I strongly recommend working with Berna on whatever challenges you face, the results will be unexpected and transformative.

Photo of a client

Peivand Sadat Mousavi

PhD Candidate at University of Toronto

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I had great experience working with Berna. We connected instantly and her care and passion for me as a “coachee” continued all the way through our sessions. She provides a safe space in her sessions by listening with genuine empathy and asking thought-provoking and non-judgmental questions. She always had helpful techniques leading to a deep understanding and Aha-moments about myself. One of the most transformational experiences I had was when I realized with Berna through a “Wheel of life” exercise that I needed to build up a work-life balance in my life. Berna helped me to set clear realistic goals and continued to be my accountability partner to build healthy habits and invest in my self-care routines. She partnered me in redefining myself in different ways and building my vision as the leader of a science team, becoming the connector who is caring and providing people with the value and the opportunity to learn.  Berna’s coaching approach helped me feel empowered to make choices and find techniques that serve me in creating my flow state, working on hard change, building confidence, and managing conflict. Berna’s openness to learn about her coachee and adapt to coachee’s needs are her greatest strengths as a coach. Berna is full of positivity and her positive approach is inspiring for all! 

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